Sponsorship for One of Our Children

Sponsorship is vital to us. Here at Watoto Kicheko we are dedicated to giving our children the very best start in life. Our children are some of the neediest in Arusha. We care for abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children. Some babies came to us as new-borns after their mother has passed away. Extended family members and others would struggle to raise a new-born who is not being breastfed. We get cases of children who are extremely malnourished.

We fully understand the importance of children being raised in their village with their own family members. Sponsorship - sleeping babyTherefore, our primary aim is to reunite children with their relatives at the earliest possible opportunity. For example, some of our children have lost their mother but still have a father and capable relatives to care for them. In such cases, we would expect them to go home shortly after they are weaned and able to eat all solid foods. We estimate this to take between 9-12 months. Sponsorship can cover some of their biggest costs at home, in their community.

For some babies who do not have family, adoption may become an option. Adoption is not possible where children are expected to return to relatives. But if they are prevented for some reason from returning, they will become a permanent member of our family. We aim to raise our children in a family oriented setting with small houses to accommodate a mother and a father. They will be responsible for around 6-10 children. This, we hope, will provide the children with the family they deserve and need. It will enable them to grow into well-adjusted, honest, hardworking members of the community. Sponsorship is needed to cover their school and other fees, and sometimes medical expenses.

If you take part in one of our sponsorship programs at Watoto Kicheko you are enabling us to provide that critical care that every child needs. Any amount of money helps us greatly. We need to provide the very best care, which includes a good ratio of staff to children, a balanced, healthy diet and the best health care we have access to. The cost of raising a child at Watoto Kicheko is $300/£193 per month. There are five different forms of sponsorship, described below. Every sponsor receives updates on the general welfare of the children living with us.

Our five different types of sponsorship

If you choose which type you are interested in then we will send you another document with further details.

1. Sponsorship for a child at Watoto Kicheko

In brief: this has been set up as a way of generating income for our day to day running costs. The cost of caring for a child at Watoto Kicheko is approximately $300 a month. This cost covers all food, clothing, toys, toiletries, nappies, staff salaries and utilities. It also covers basic medical care.

2. Sponsorship for a child at home

In brief: support for children so that they can continue to live at home. This can be because the child has lived at Watoto Kicheko but is now ready to return home. Or, the family needs assistance raising the school fees, but may also need help to increase their income, perhaps by setting up a small business. Some children also need support but do not need to stay at the Watoto Kicheko Center. Other children may need medical help, whether for a brief illness or for a long-term medical condition. The cost of sponsoring a child at home varies depending on the situation and the plan we put in place.

3. School sponsorship

In brief: this can be one of our children who has already passed through Watoto Kicheko. Or, it can be a child we have identified within the village as needing school assistance. As an ideal, we would like to see the children go through a good, private, English medium school to give them a very good education. Schools here can vary greatly, and are more expensive for those boarding. Generally costs can be anything from $50 or more per month, with another 10%, approximately, for uniforms, books, stationary, etc. Sponsoring a child to go to school can be split between more than one sponsor.


4. Sponsorship for our center

In brief: there are many monthly expenses that we have to meet here at Watoto Kicheko. This ensures that we can care for the children to the best of our ability. Examples are: fruit and vegetables ($1,250), electricity ($250) and cooking gas ($100). Please note that some costs may vary from month to month as our family gets bigger, and as prices fluctuate from time to time.

5. Sponsorship for a one off project

In brief: maybe you are unable to donate on a monthly basis and would prefer just to donate for a specific purpose every now and again; this is also possible. Some examples are: a piece of furniture, such as a cradle, a table or a chair; a birthday party for one of our children; Christmas celebrations; but the list is long! The cost can vary greatly. But if you are able to donate to a one off item/project, you can contact us with your donation amount and we can agree together what the money can be spent on. We will happily send you photos and other information about the project or items purchased.

Alternatively, if you would like to send in a donation the bank details can be found on our Donations page and there is a PayPal button at the top and bottom of this page.

We have separate documents with full details on all the sponsorship types. If you would like to provide sponsorship please state which type you are interested in and we will happily send you the information.

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