School Sponsorship for Two of our Children!

It’s a great day for the whole Watoto Kicheko Center when a child receives school sponsorship because it means their school fees are covered until they graduate. With more than twenty children, that’s a lot of money. So today we were delighted to be informed that we have sponsorship for two of our boys.

School Sponsorship for Salva and Davey!

School Sponsorhips for Salva and Davey

School Sponsorhips for Salva and Davey

Twins, Silvamos (Salva) and Davis (Davey), who are almost four years old, are the lucky two. Claire, the on-site director, has been looking after them for much of their four years, since they were released into her care at less than one week old. For me, it was the first time I had any contact with premature children.

In their early months, Claire taught me about changing diapers and bottle feeding, things I would need to know very soon, she said. I now have a two year old and a two month old, both boys. So she was right. Now I am looking forward to the twins’ fourth birthday in August, and my own sons will be celebrating with them!

Lack of Childcare in Tanzania

The father of Silvamos and Davis is in the same position of many single fathers, which is not that different from the position single mothers are in. Childcare is not the norm and it is expensive. In rural areas it is simply not accessible. Most people have to work, but are unlikely to earn enough to pay someone to look after their children.

School Sponsorship - Davey

School Sponsorship – Davey

We hear a lot about ‘extended families’ and the like in developing countries, but even grandmothers and younger members of the family, generally female, have to earn a living. Child carers who are members of the family are generally expected to work without pay. But it is too much to expect someone to give up their chance of earning a living, no matter how small, and even give up several months or years of their life, to look after someone else’s children, unpaid.

Therefore, it is the aim of Watoto Kicheko to do as much as we can for the twins and their father, so that they can all keep in touch with each other. But the huge expense of education, health and other living costs will probably always be beyond the family’s reach. Hence the need for school sponsorship.

School Sponsorship - Salva

School Sponsorship – Salva

The twins are already in a position to take up this offer of school sponsorship, so they will spend short breaks with us, some time with their family, and term time at school. We are very grateful to the generous support we have received for these two boys and we hope to hear from other sponsors in the near future.

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors

If you are interested in learning more about school sponsorship or any of the other kinds of support we need, please visit our Get Involved pages, covering sponsorship, donations and other matters. Meantime, we wish you a fantastic weekend!

By Simon Collery

Simon Collery has been an online content writer and blogger since the late 1990s, developing content for an information industry website, and later, writing about development, HIV, human rights and other subjects, mainly in East Africa. He is a co-founder of the Don't Get Stuck Collective, a group of people who write and agitate for greater recognition of non-sexually transmitted HIV and other bloodborne disease, especially through unsafe healthcare, cosmetic and traditional practices, mainly in Africa and Asia. He also blogs about media depictions of African people, unethical practices by publicly funded western institutions in African countries, mass male circumcision programs carried out in African countries using mainly US funding, and other subjects. He has a particular interest in Kenya and Tanzania.