Orphans and Vulnerable Children: FAQs

Can I send a donation to Watoto Kicheko orphans and vulnerable children?

FAQ - Children on the roadsideYes, you can use the PayPal Donate button on this page, which also allows you to pay by credit card. Please see our Donations page for further information about the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.

Can I send gifts, such as clothing, toys, etc?

Yes, the details are on our Donations page. There are many things we need, but also some things that orphans and vulnerable children at a home for babies and young kids don’t need.

Can I volunteer with Watoto Kicheko orphans and vulnerable children?

Yes, we are very happy to hear from people who would like to volunteer their skills. Please see our Volunteer page for further details.

Can I adopt a baby in Tanzania?FAQ - Child in Bagamoyo

Yes, but expect it to be time-consuming. Also, different people can have different experiences. Have a look at our Adopting page, where we offer some advice and links for further research into adopting orphans and vulnerable children. Do as much research and make as many contacts as possible before you leave your home country, as doing research in Tanzania can be very challenging.

How can I best raise funds for Watoto Kicheko’s orphans and vulnerable children?

We welcome any offers to raise funds and there are as many different ways of doing this as there are people…well, as many as there are NGOs, perhaps! We make a few suggestions on our Fundraising page, but we are happy to hear of additional ways of fundraising efforts for orphans and vulnerable children.

What are the best places to see in Tanzania?

Tanzania is a very large country and there are more places than we can list. Have a look at our Tanzania page and carry out further research from there; Tanzania has a lot to offer!

FAQs - Children and adult

What is Arusha like to live and work in?

We at Watoto Kicheko like being based in Arusha. It’s quite small and fairly quiet, but it’s big enough to offer almost as much as Dar es Salaam, without the heat and the congestion. It’s also an ideal place for orphans and vulnerable children, being served with good schools and other amenities.

What is day to day life like for the orphans and vulnerable children at Watoto Kicheko?

You can find out about various day to day events and happenings by following us on Facebook and Twitter, using the FAQs - Sunrise Dar es Salaamlinks on the right hand side. We also have a Watoto Kicheko blog, which will bring further examples of what it’s like here.



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