The Laughter of a Child Foundation

The Laughter of a Child Foundation was established in the US to support the work of the Watoto Kicheko (Company Limited), an orphanage and baby home in Tanzania. Watoto Kicheko, an orphanage that primarily cares for babies aged up to one year, is a haven of love for abandoned, orphaned or at-risk babies.

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The Laughter of a Child Foundation’s Mission

The mission of Watoto Kicheko for our children, who will be with us for longer or shorter period, is to provide for them a fun and loving environment in which they can learn to take care of themselves.

Although we believe that orphanages are not the way forward in most cases, very young babies are an exception. The Laughter of a Child Foundation enables us to put that belief into practice.

When a Mother has died, or abandoned a vulnerable newborn baby, keeping them in their village is not always an option. Formula milk is prohibitively expensive. And even where formula is affordable, it is difficult to prepare in a clean safe environment.

The LaLaughter of a Child Foundation - Family meetughter of a Child Foundation can help provide children with their most urgent needs

We are opening our doors to vulnerable infants, often premature, seriously underweight, or with other health needs, with the aim of returning them to their families at the age of nine months. The majority of baby homes will keep a child until the age of three years, but we at the Laughter of a Child Foundation generally do not see any benefit in keeping a child past the stage of weaning.

If anything, it may be detrimental to their mental well being to wait until they are three years old, because the older they are the harder the transition, and the bigger the impact that will have on their development.

The Laughter of a Child Foundation’s Committment

If it is not possible for a child to return to their family or community, and they have not been adopted, they will be supported to stay at Watoto Kicheko by The Laughter of a Child Foundation until they reach adulthood.

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