Donations of Money, Goods or Services


DSCN1965Watoto Kicheko depends on the kindness of our volunteers and donors, and there are many ways you can help us to support our children. The love we give our children is free, but practical things, like food and clothing, rent and utility bills, school and hospital fees, can be very expensive!

What do Orphanages and Baby Homes Need?

Orphanages and baby homes can vary a great deal. Some specialize in infants and toddlers, some take in school-going children and some look after a mixture of ages. The youngest Watoto Kicheko child now is about 20 months; several are still undersized and below 10 kilos. But all of our children are growing up, and their needs will change. Some of the most urgent things we need, things we use all the time, include food, clothing, toys, educational toys and devices and, of course, monetary donations. We do not need adult clothing, for example, or clothing that is in very bad condition, and we discourage our children from consuming sweets, soda and the like. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we can advise about our current priorities.


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