Appeal: Water Tank Funds!

Donations - Watoto Kicheko ChildWatoto Kicheko has been having problems for months getting the 3-4 thousand liters of water we need every day, not because there is a shortage, but because the water company does’t supply us, they just charge us every month and threaten to cut us off if we don’t pay!

In the short term we must purchase a tank that can store water, so that we can fill it up when there is a supply, or when we manage to beg for water from our neighbours (something they are more and more reluctant to help us with).


Water Through PayPal

We need to raise 350 dollars as soon as possible, although we will buy the tank straight away. If you would like to contribute you could either send money to our PayPal account, using the ‘Donate’ icon below…


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Water Through Mpesa and TigoPesa

…or, if you are in Tanzania or Kenya, you could send money by

  • TigoPesa (0676 074 793) or by
  • Mpesa (0764 074 793), even just a few shillings!

Address for letters, gifts and other donations

Watoto Kicheko
PO Box 14311
Arusha Tanzania

Account Details for Donations via Checks, ACH or Wire Transfers:

Account Name:                 Laughter of a Child Foundation
Address:                              1805 N. Carson Street, Suite, Carson City, NV 89701
Beneficiary’s Bank:        Wells Fargo Bank, Las Vegas, Nevada
Account No.:                      7608540196
Routing number:             321270742
Swift:                                     WFBIUS6S

For US citizens and US corporate citizens:

The “Laughter of a child foundation” is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3). Please note our federal tax number: EIN 46-4875575, in your records. From the state of Nevada, the “Laughter of a child foundation”, a nonprofit corporation, has received a “Charitable-Solicitation Registration Statement” For further information, see:

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