Watoto Kicheko babyTo our sponsors, donors, followers and supporters: Watoto Kicheko has cared for over 30 children since 2014. However, the majority of those children have either been reunited with their families, or have been adopted. Therefore, we will complete this process by the end of this month and will no longer admit any more children. On behalf of all the children we thank everyone for their generosity and support, and look forward to a time when all children will be brought up in a family setting.

The charity and foundation, Watoto Kicheko, will continue its work, and new projects and sponsorship will be announced in the coming few months.

Watoto Kicheko Children's Center was set up in Arusha, Tanzania to help local children who have special needs that cannot adequately be met in their communities. The Watoto Kicheko Children's Center provided a haven for Tanzanian children by working closely with the local authority and local communities.

We provided schooling, healthcare, a caring home life, love and security for these most vulnerable of children. For 6 years many of our children have returned to their communities and have been replaced by other children.

Watoto Kicheko baby

The vision of Watoto Kicheko for the children who resided with us was to provide for them a fun and loving home life in which they could learn to take care of themselves. Some were only with us for a short time, but others for much or all of their childhood.

From birth till adulthood.

Watoto Kicheko baby

Watoto Kicheko's mission was to run an orphanage for abandoned and at-risk children, from birth to 18 years. We provided housing, food and education, including third level education, for all of the children in our care. Watoto Kicheko worked actively with local authorities, the social welfare office and communities to return children back to their families whenever feasible. We provided support for families in the community, when required. The Center encouraged and supported fostering and adoption of the children by suitable families. (Our full Mission and Vision statements can be found on a separate page.)

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